Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Work on Console Locker

You can never have too much locker space and that's why I've decided to put a locker in the bottom of the Console.

As the hull is curved where the bulkhead at the front of the locker will meet it, I decided to make a cardboard template of the that curve.

The template fitted nicely and I transferred it onto 1/2" marine plywood. The bulkhead was cut to shape by the jig-saw, but, as often happens, I still needed  to spile to get the bulkhead to fit.

The next move was to cut a hole for an access hatchway before gluing the edges with epoxy resin filters along the left and right edges.

  The hatch was offered up and found to fit satisfactorily.

The hatch will be secured in situ after the glue has cured and the bulkhead painted.

Today the shackles I'd ordered for the fenders arrived: you will see on the last posting that the spring on the fender hooks wouldn't snap shut as the rope the fenders was too thick for them.

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