Saturday, 21 March 2020

Steering Gear - Cable Installation Part 1

I have watched a number of cable installation videos and they all seemed straight forward. That was never going to be the case with me! In theory, the cable goes from the helm to the rudder, or outboard motor in my case. If you have bulkheads in the way, you simply drill a hole in them and feed the cable through the hole.

'Seagull' presents a few helpful features, for example: the brackets that connect the hull and gunwales can be drilled allowing the cable to pass through them. This keeps them securely held out of harm and view. 

I decided to feed the cable from the stern despite many advocating that it's best to it from the console back to the stern. My reason is that there is a big coupling at the rudder end that would present a problem when I tried to move it along the routing.

I spent hours drilling and chopping out an aft access-hole, this had to be done by burying myself in the aft locker to work on the spot in question - very cramped and difficult.

After a few tries of the cable, and cutting out more and more, the cable finally began its journey.

Routing the cable through the brackets wasn't a problem.

Tomorrow I will cut cable access holes in the console to join the cable to the steering gear.

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