Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sand and Dust

I remember the time - I was 16 - when I was a second year shipwright apprentice in the boathouse of Sheerness Dockyard (1955/6).

The time came to sandpaper the boats we had built. There were eight of us and we had split into two teams of four and each team built a boat.

We sandpapered by hand and it seemed to take for ever. There was no thought to masks or goggles, and we rapidly became covered in mahogany dust.

In my present reincarnation I can make sanding-dust at an alarmingly fast pace, but have bought a modern and highly effective respirator - I also wear proper clothing and head gear. 

The sander has to fight its way through the hardened glue before I hit wood and the glue dust is particularly nasty stuff the inhale. Here's a close-up of the glue on the planks:

The lesson to learn is to get off as much glue as you can before it sets, as sanding the glue off is a long arduous task.

Here's a view of Work-in-Progress:

On this picture you can see the two rows of screws at the stem. Previously there was only one row of screws as I simply needed to hold the plank in place before the glue set/cured. Before sanding I removed the screws and properly countersunk the holes. Next I drilled and countersunk (countersank?) the second row and then screwed in the two rows of wood-screws. 

Similarly, at the stern, I carried out an identical operation to give two rows of screws:

As there are 150 planks on Seagull, and each plank has 4 screws (2 forward and 2 aft) you can see that means drilling and countersinking 600 screw-holes and then screwing 600 screws into them. I shall then need to fill the screw holes with filler and sand them down to conceal the screws

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Finally got the planking finished. 

Next comes the external finishing - I've sent off to Robbins Timbers for a quote. Here's my list  of finishing requirements:

 ‘B’ Pack 6kg @ £115.65                                                3 off                                                       £346.9                                                  
 ‘B’ Pump Set @ £12.85                                                 1 off                                                    

Satin Weave 280 10m pack @ £77.16                       3 off                                                      
Satin Weave 280 5m pack   @ £39.46                       1 off                                                     

50mm Glass Tape £7.70                                                 1off                                                            £7.70

Microlight 200g @ £20.44                                            2 off                                                     
Filleting Blend 700g £18.86                                           1off                                                         
Microfibres 750g £13.16                                                1 off                                                      £13.16                                                                                 
3” Roller Frame each £2.71                                           1 off                                                      
3” Roller Cover pair                                                         1 off                                                  
7” Roller Frame each £3.23                                           1 off                                                    
7” Roller Cover per 6                                                       1 off                                                   
Roller Pan each £2.06                                                     1 off                                                      
Glue Brush per 5 £4.06                                                   1 off                                                     
Mixing Sticks (Reusable) per 25 £6.70                      1 off                                                     
Mixing Pots 800 ml £0.96                                              10 off                                                    
Syringe Pack (1 10ml, 1 60ml) £3.98                         1 off                                                    
Plastic Squeegee per 2 £3.54                                       1 off                                                     
Plastic Notched Spreaders per 2 £3.84 50mm      1 off                                                      
Laminating Brush each £2.48                                       1 off                                                     
Nitrile Gloves per 5 pairs £3.24                                   1 off                                                    

Resin Removing Cream 1kg £11.10                           1 off                                                     
Cleaning Solvent 1ltr £12.48                                        1 off                                                    
Barrier Cream 250ml £5.45                                          1 off                                                      
Cleaning Solution 1ltr £7.54                                         1 off                                                      

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Day in the Life of a Plank!

Thought I would record how I have worked out the way of planking that is best suited to me.

First, I offer up the plank:

If there are no problems I remove the plank and run glue down of the grove in the lower plank:

I re-position the plank to be fitted.

Using 1.25 inch panel pins

I nail down through the plank at 6 inch intervals throughout the length of the plank.

This offers little meaningful strength but it forces the planks together allowing the glue to bond under pressure.

The surplus, squeezed out, glue is wiped off from both outside and in.

Next screws are inserted into the stem (front),

and into the transom (back).

I then saw off the odd bits at the front 

and back.

These photos are a little out of date as I have now got 100 planks in place, which I will show in next post.