Friday, 20 March 2020

Steering Gear - Installation

The steering gear arrived and my American friends will be pleased to know it's 100% US built.

The first move was to assess where exactly to fit the helm. It didn't take me long to realise that my smart-arse idea of the backboard for the electrics was going to impede the helm gear. To overcome this I had to drill and cut out a trapezium shape from the backboard.

Using the pattern supplied I marked, drilled and cut out the face-panel to accommodate the retaining bracket.

Into the bracket I had to install the helm 'machinery'

The casting is fairly heavy normally, but when I tried to install inside the console with nuts and bolts from the outside it was nearly impossible.... but not quite, as my bruised wrists testify.

With two people it would be easy, but there was only me! I was pleased to see it in place.

It only remained to fit the actual wheel to complete this part of the installation.

Tomorrow I will install the cable to connect the helm to the outboard motor, which I still haven't purchased.

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