Friday, 7 February 2020

Mooring Warps (ropes)

A few posts ago showed how I had bought the wrong sized hawse pipe, it being too small to take a shackle and splice on the anchor. At the time I said I would use the the small pipe for mooring warps.

Mooring Warp Lockers

When I built the aft lockers I did so to the original design which had left a small volume of the lockers unusable.

Each locker has three bulkheads, the one nearest the camera, a rear locker bulkhead and then - just behind it - the main transverse bulkhead that goes right across the boat. The blurry picture below shows a close-up of the rear bullheads on the starboard locker.

When the top went on the locker the space between the bulkheads became sealed in. I thought that if I accessed this lost volume it would make an ideal locker for a mooring warp.

First a hole was cut out in the bulkhead. Then a hole in the deck .

Next the warp was fed into the locker from the top, and the end pulled through the bulkhead for securing to an anchor point.

Finally, the hawse pipe was fitted and the warp fed through it.

This now means that instead of 12 metre coils of rope waiting for someone to fall over them, the mooring warp lives in the locker - previously a lost volume.

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