Saturday, 1 February 2020

Bits & Pieces

1. SPLICING - I taught myself to splice today simply from watching a video on Youtube. I'm the sort of person who does better from distant learning, because I can keep going over any little part that I don't fully understand. 
    I have four 12 metre ropes that I want to splice an eye into - so I have!

I need a towing eye on the stem of the boat for launching and retrieving the boat from/to the trailer. Ideally we need a 'U'-bolt as it is much stronger than an Eye-bolt.

However, I can't get a 'U'-bolt long enough to go right through the stem. A stainless steel eyebolt with an 8 inch (200 mm) shank was purchased. To accomodate the bolt meant drilling a hole right through the stem into the chain locker.

ANCHOR SYSTEM   The replacement hawser pipe has arrived and I will get back on that system tomorrow. The new part really looks high value - polished stainless steel.