Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Study Plans Arrived, as Promised

The study plans have arrived this morning from Selway-Fisher Designs. Top marks to them as I ordered them, on line, on Sunday and have them here on Tuesday morning.

They show me there are two ways to build the boat, the 'conventional' method and the 'stitch and epoxy' method. At 77, I have earned the right to be old fashioned. I've also grown wise enough to know that the old methods have been largely replaced for reasons that persuaded most of the world they were 'better'.

I'm not in a rush and so I won't make a judgement until I have learnt about the new technology. It seemed logical to send off for books on the subjects and as Selway-Fisher have been as good as their word so far I've ordered the books from them. I sound like a commercial for them don't I? Sorry.

The study plans give me a Materials List which will allow me price up the project, and that will be tomorrow evening's task, as I'm in the middle of building myself  a workshop - which is unrelated to Project Fishwall - that's taking up my daylight hours.