Wednesday, 23 September 2015


It's 5 m long x 3m high and 3 m wide.
The door to left is to potting shed
The door to right is to workshop
Good happenings: the plans arrived for both boats - the Rathlin and the Lobster boat. The workshop is almost finished.

Plans: 10/10 to Selway Fisher Designs, Paul has responded promptly to my emails and everything is delivered on time.

Workshop:  You may be thinking, "Does he plan to build the boat in the new workshop, as it won't fit?" Well, no, but I can now move all the stuff out of the garage into the workshop and hence will be able to use the garage to build the Lobster boatLet me explain, we moved here 12 months ago last week. I left behind me some very large workshops, and  as there was no workshop here, all my gear got dumped in the garage. 

So why did we move here after 27 years in (landlocked) Yorkshire? Well here's part of the reason, right on my doorstep


  1. The garage is nearly everyone's dumping ground when a move takes I understand completely...and it sounds perfectly sensible to use the garage to build a boat. And the shed to build one in a bottle!
    All the boaters in your new area will be won over not only by your charm, but by the skill you will be able to display as you crack the bottle of champagne over its bow. How long will it take?

  2. My father used to do the ship in the bottle thing ... even as a kid I wondered why? :)

    How long will it take is a very good question, as I haven't built one for 61 years ... and also, I've never sailed before, but what the heck!!!! Must go were the muse leads me.

  3. Yikes, John... 61 years!!!!
    I am rendered speechless and that's not easy to do.
    Never sailed before! Here is me thinking you're an ol' salt. My hats off to you. What an inspiration. What's your muse's name?