Sunday, 13 September 2015

DAY ONE (11 Sept 2015)

Project FISHWALL: 
Getting From Fishguard to Cornwall by Shortest Route.

Day 1.  (11/09/2015). 
On the 1st Sept 2015 we drove from Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, to Hayle in Cornwall to visit our family who live thereabouts. The 317 mile journey took nearly 6 hours.

The return journey took 12 hours as there had been an accident on the M5 motorway in Devon; we had to make a massive cross-country diversion. As we sat in Friday rush-hour traffic jams we talked about how stupid it all was for, as the crow-flies, Fishguard to Hayle is only 137 miles. More appropriately, 140 miles as the seagull flies. Thus project FISHWALL was discussed and here, today, it starts.

The Shipwright

Now the good news is, I’m qualified to build boats/ships: I did a five year apprenticeship with the Admiralty to become a Shipwright. The bad news is, that was 57 years ago and I’ve not been in shipbuilding ever since. The good news, is that I have all the tools and the self-confidence to build one.

Type of Boat

Early days yet, but looking at plans available on the internet. I quite like the look of some of the Selway-Fisher Designs. ( They sell a study pack of plans for about £20 (US $30) – these enable you to assess the boat build you’re interested in. Saves the investment in a full set of plans for a build which might not be what you thought it was going to be.

I’ve sent off for a study pack of their Power 22.

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