Thursday, 2 January 2020

Internal Fitting of Wheelhouse Windows

 I have to ensure that I can replace the see-through polycarbonate windows if they are damaged. For this to happen I have to attach to inner glazing battens with wood-screws, inserted for outside the window.

Glazing Battens Inside Wheelhouse

Screws attaching Internal Glazing Battens
To summarise,
1. the polycarbonate sheets are left rectangular and placed inside the cut our ports.
2. the battens have a rabbit cut in them (1/4" x 3/8") that act as grooves into which the 'window-pane' slides.
3. The screws are inserted from the outside to clamp the battens and polycarbonate in place.

All these screws are countersunk and will need to be concealed by filling, sanded and painted them. 

To replace damaged windows in the future I will need to remove these screws, therefore, I attached photos here of all the screws as a reference to their location.

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