Thursday, 26 December 2019

Fitting The Forward Ports

I gave the wooden blanks a three  coats of white paint and then fitted the ports.

I began by purchasing a reel of 'Harbe Butyl Tape Extra long 3 mm x 25 mm x 12 meter (1/8" x 1" x 15') Premium quality rubber mastic sealant tape grey (gray)' from Creek Side Sales EU for £15.80 (US$ 20 ish). I'm told that this gives a great watertight joint and comes away easy, many years later, if you are repairing or replacing.

I found it easy to work with and clean to the hands as long as you keep it 'flat' and don't let it fold back on itself .

I placed the tape flat along the ports, covering the flanges (with the screw holes) 

I similarly covered the outside flanges (above)

Next the ports were fitted and screwed internally (above) so that the edge protruded through to the outside of the cuddy  (below)

 The outside flanges, already primed with sealant tape (below) was placed over the protruding edges.

The outside flange was then screwed in place (above)

Meanwhile .... a Happy And Healthy 2020 to everyone

(Ignore the forward port, I just placed it there for the photo, rather than leave a hole)

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  1. Wishing you and your family a very good and healthy 2020, John!