Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Transom in Place ... Timber Ordered

The Transom, the very first piece of Seagull, has been fixed to the Building Jig.

The length of the vessel starts to become obvious, although it is difficult to get a photograph of the whole thing: below the transom can only just be seen at the far end.

Space in which to work continues to be the main problem, particularly when the bulk of material arrive. I am looking at ways to use the masses of room above my head. 

I ordered and paid for the bulk of timber today, which allows me to print the current costed Bill of Materials below. 


Cost to Date:

Note. UK cost includes 20% tax. This 20% is carried across into the US$ cost as well.

                                                                                                         £                 (US$)

Plans                                                                                               75.0             (114)
Timber for Building Jig                                                                 355.15            (542)
60 Bolts nuts and Washers                                                            42.50              (66)
(60 of Zinc Plated Coach / Carriage Bolts
with Nuts M10 10mm x 150mm)
1 sheet 8' x 4' x 3/4" Marine Ply                                                      50                 (76)
6 sheet 8' x 4' x 1/2"    "         "                                                       244               (372)   
All Douglas Fir, Utile and Cedar                                                  2696              (4105)


  1. It must be exciting for you to see the progress on your creation - enjoy! Valerie

  2. Looking good, John. I am sure your next project will be to set up some sturdy overhead storage racks :)
    Thank you for your wonderful compliment on the plumeria!

  3. Getting excited myself. Going overhead for storage? Always a good idea. I know you will make sure it can't fall.
    How did the monster storm do? Still have your power if you were blogging.