Friday, 6 November 2015

The first of the Moulds (Molds)

Just to remind you, I have started the Building Jig a few days ago:

Now I am adding the uprights, which I bolt to the base. I then cut out the moulds and screw them to the uprights:

Notice the black clamps holding the uprights to the base. These are the most frequently used tools I have and it pleases me to be using them as I made them when I was 15 years old.

The biggest problem I'm finding is space in which to work as the jig is taking up most of the working area. I have to take a Sterling Board from where I have them stacked and get it into a horizontal position three feet off the floor.

They might not look it but they are very heavy and awkward to be manhandled by one person.

Once I have it horizontal, I mark out on it the shape of the Mould, very accurately, using the information on the plans I bought.

Next I use a jigsaw to cut the mould from the Sterling board, then screw it to the appropriate uprights.

All I'm doing here is summarizing the process in order that I can give you an update. I will try to photograph the process step by step  tomorrow, it took me two moulds to get from 'trial & error' to a procedure for working. 


  1. Okay, sounds lie a foreign language to me, and not one I have learnt, but I presume you know what you are doing. Glad to see you using clamps that you made at 15, they were well made. Have BIG fun John! Wishes from WARM November Rhineland, Valerie

    1. Not easy to understand technobabble, Valerie. Thanks for the moral support. As this takes shape you will understand the 'where' I am even if the 'how' remains vague.