Monday, 2 November 2015

Finally started.

Today I started work in earnest, on the Building Jig.

This is the base of the Jig and is often referred to as the Strongback. Its fifteen feet long and nearly four feet wide and made from softwood five inches by two inches. What can't be seen is all the location markings on the two outside lengths. I've done these as accurately as I can because they are the location of the vertical posts that I will begin to fit tomorrow.

One by-product (always want to write bi-product) of all this endeavour is 'chips.'  These are the scrap off-cuts made from shipbuilding (see Blue Town). My daughter lives on a farm, five minutes away, and loves her roaring log fire; the 'chips' are ideal kindling and log supplements.

That's all for now ... gratifying to have made a start.

Cost to Date:

Note. UK cost includes 20% tax. This 20% is carried across into the US$ cost as well.

                                                  £                 (US$)

Plans                                         75               (114)
Timber for Building Jig          355.15            (542)
60 Bolts nuts and Washers     42.50              (66)
(60 of Zinc Plated Coach / Carriage Bolts with Nuts M10 10mm x 150mm)


  1. Exciting - it begins!!!
    A month before Christmas they will want you to hang those decorations so clear your calendar for the time to put them up. If you are like me once you start a project other things get in the way...I can growl!

    1. I'm OK providing the interruption is scheduled and not a surprise.

  2. Glad you have started, have fun! Valerie