Sunday, 3 June 2018

Next Stage - the inside of the boat

"June the Second, 2018!"

 Today I started the next phase of the build. 

I've had a long break as I had so many other things competing for my time. I'm already working playing a seven day week but I feel I have finally got clear of the barriers.

Today has not been a glamorous day, it involved a total clean of the boat and workshop. Weeks of sanding have covered everything in sawdust. I began with vacuuming the ceiling - massive cobwebs! Luckily we don't have poisonous spiders in Wales. 
   Every tool has been cleaned and stowed, floors vacuumed and washed down, the inside of the boat emptied and vacuumed.

This grand clean-up is likely to go no for a few more days yet.

3rd. June
The big clean up continues..... Shiny Boat Time!

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