Saturday, 9 June 2018

Beginning of Internal work.

Today I began 'varnishing' the inside of the boat:

As you can see, I only varnished one side at a time as I have to be inside the boat to do the varnishing, and can't kneel in the wet varnish to do the other side.
Before varnishing I had to go over the planks with Tack Rags/Cloths. For those unfamiliar with these items, let me explain. I buy the articles by the box, and inside the box each rag is independently wrapped in an airtight envelope.

Box of Tack Rags (or Cloths), an airtight envelope, and a Tack Rag 

The cloths are impregnating with mildly sticky 'stuff' to which all dust on the woodwork sticks, without leaving leaving a deposit on the wood and leaving the wood ready for varnish.

Tomorrow I'll do the other side.


  1. That's lovely - really bringing out the colours of the wood -)
    I'd never heard of tack rags. I expect they could be useful for interior decorating, too.
    When does your boat progress from being an it to being a she, or have I already missed that?

    1. I guess when it stops being 'most of the hull' to becoming a boat. I sometimes refer to it as 'Seagull' but I suppose it doesn't fully qualify until it's launched!

  2. Grr, I told it to post as Lynne Dixon!

  3. Hi John - dont know how I missed this step. I love the way the beauty of the wood emerges. Seagull - great name!