Friday, 9 February 2018

Turning The Boat - Stage 5

Stem clear of workshop floor

I began by taking out the forward support, which left the stem clear of the workshop floor which meant that the weight of the boat was now hanging from the front pulley system, and and the temporary uprights along the boat.

Next I removed all temporary uprights, except the two at the transom.
A Temporary Vertical Support Clamped to the Transom
With a large gulp, I took away both of the remaining supports. The boat was now hanging from both pulley systems and the two back ropes at the transom.

It was time to test the theory: if I slackened one black rope, that side of the boat would dip, as the boat turned about its centre line. So I put it to the test and slackened one black rope.

Black Rope on left Slackened and Boat Dips
The theory was working. I placed pillows along the workshop floor in case the boat scraped along it - you can see them on the above picture.

The boat was raised a few inches by using both pulley systems. I then slackened the black rope on the left and the boat turned a bit more.
This process was repeated until the boat hung vertically

Boat in Vertical Position 

Leaving the boat hanging from the pulleys I moved the black ropes over: that is to say I left them tied to the transom but moved the top end of the left rope across to the right hand scaffold, and vice-versa with the left. Exactly to the theory. 

You can see the reason for this swap in the picture below (taken before I swap ropes) and comparing it to the following picture (taken after I swap the ropes). The top rope was was taken down from the right hand scaffold and slung across the left hand scaffold,

Boat Hanging Six Inches Above Workshop Floor

In the above picture you can see why I changed the black ropes over: now instead of crossing each other they can help to lower the boat.

At this stage I assembled the cradle I had made (see few postings ago) earlier.

Positioning the cradle ends (note carpet on each to protect the boat's paintwork)

Connecting and Bracing Cradle Ends
(White blobs on side of boat are reflections from Camera Flash)
Using the pulleys and black ropes allowed the boat to be dropped snugly into the assembled cradle in the exactly right position as the spirit level confirms. 

The Boat is a Very Dark Blue - not the bright blue caused by camera flash.

I am therefore pleased to report that my theory for turning the boat single-handed, within its own length and width, was achieved in a  way that was exactly as visualised.
                                                QED (Quod Erat Demonstrandum)
 Not bad for an 80 year old!


  1. Brilliant outcome :-)
    Lynne D

  2. I enjoyed every word. So logical. Damn clever mind you have there, John.
    It looks bigger now it is the right way up..or you are smaller than i though! Lol.

    1. 'Necessity is the Mother of Invention,' they say. Most are surprised at how large the boat is; albeit I'm not very tall :)

  3. This took both genius and boldness, John - I cannot imagine doing such a thing! Congratulations on a perfect outcome!

  4. Oh John!! This is amazing! Talk about do it all, my friend!! Congratulations...

  5. Hi Hilda, thanks for dropping in, long way from New York :)