Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Under waterline Priming

I've now put a coat of epoxy primer on the below the waterline area. I found that a mixed can of paint  + reactor  = 750 ml. which was barely enough to cover the underwater area.

The White Area is the Under Water Primer

Here is what it says in the Epifanes manual:

Epifanes Epoxy Primer (two-component) An anti-corrosive primer based on an epoxy resin and zinc phosphate as the anti-rust agent. High build, high filling capacity and easy sanding. For use as a filling primer in a two-component poly-urethane paint 51 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS system on (ply-)wood and fibreglass and as an anti-rust primer in a two-component poly-urethane paint system on steel and aluminium.
For interior and exterior use above and below the waterline.

20 minutes before use, pour component B (reactor) in component A (base) and stir well. The mixing ratio is 100 parts comp. A to 14 parts comp. B by weight (100 part comp. A to 25 part comp B. by volume). The correct mixing ratio quantity is already in the cans.

 Potlife after mixing is 8 hours max. Thinner: All applications - Epifanes Thinner D-601 

Recoatable: After 12 hours at 18°C. (65°F.). Within 5 days without sanding Coverage: one liter is sufficient for 12 sq meters Package: 750 ml. - 2000 ml. - 4000 ml. Colour: white

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