Friday, 25 August 2017

Patriotic? Red, White and Blue

Got some finishing coats of paint on her.

The Red is Epivanes Foul-away 750ml (1.3 pints).  It took the whole tin (can) to paint this area, it's very thick and they recommend that you don't use thinners with it.

The Blue is Epivanes Monourethane (3129)  750ml. It took a quarter of one tin (can) to paint both sides - spreads nicely.

Before applying the paint I thoroughly cleaned the hull with Tack (Tak) rags, and then degreased the hull with a little thinners. Next the floor was washed to get rid of the dust.

Here's the paint specs:

Epifanes Mono-urethane (one-component)
A hard, one-component, air-drying, high gloss finish paint based on urethanealkyd resins. Provides superior covering and filling, long lasting weather durability and high gloss retention. For use on wood, steel, aluminium and fibreglass, for interior and exterior applications above the waterline in combination with the appropriate primers or directly on well degreased and sanded fibreglass. Also for use as a maintenance coat on intact well degreased and sanded one- and two-component paint systems. Do not apply directly on epoxy systems. Suitable for fresh and salt water. Thinner: Brush application - Epifanes Brushtinner for Paint & Varnish Spray application - Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint and Varnish Recoatable: After 24 hours at 18°C. (65°F.) Coverage: One litre is sufficient for 15 sq. metres ( 160 sq. feet) Package: 750 ml. Colours: 17 colours according to Epifanes colour card

Epifanes Foul-Away (selfpolishing  underwaterpaint) 
A copper, tin and boicide-free selfpolishing underwaterpaint. Due to the selfpolishing characteristics of this paint, the bottom will remain smooth, clean and will prevent unnecessary build-up of paint coats. This bottom paint can be applied over well degreased and roughly sanded existing hard antifouling, selfpolishing antifouling or vinyl based antifouling. Suited for use on wood, fibreglass steel, aluminium and for application on a not fully cured epoxy resin (surface still shows sticky) or on Epifanes Interimcoat. Application of three coats (225 microns dry filmthickness) is advised for long-term effectiveness. Allow 18 hours to cure before launching. Thinner: Preferably unthinned. Do not thin. If necessary thin with Epifanes Thinner D-100. Recoatable: After 6 hours at 18°C (65°F.) Coverage: 750ml. is sufficient for 8m2 Package: 750ml. Colours: white, black, blue, red, redbrown and green

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