Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Trying to Avoid Future Problems

It occurs to me that after I finish sanding down the boat, I'll be about to enter a totally new world with its associated problems.

The first area will be, covering the boat with glass cloth and then epoxy coating it. All I can do, and have done, is watch Videos on the subject on line.

The second problem is turning the boat over to the right way up, because, as you know, it's been built upside down until now. Everyone is asking me how I, at 78, will turn the boat over singlehandedly? I give them a knowing wink, but in reality I don't how I will do it ... but I'm confident that I will and look forward to the challenge. As Archimedes said, Give me a lever and I'll Move the World.

The final problem is a little harder to define, so I will take you back to earlier in the build to help me explain.

 I build the hardback and fixed the moulds to it.

I cut each Mould in half and then put it back together using butt-straps: the idea being that it would be easier to remove in halves.

I then put masking tape around the edges to prevent the planks from being accidentally being glued to them. 

Which brings me to the third problem. Over the period of planking I had this reoccurring worry that maybe the masking tape wouldn't do the trick and the planks would be stuck to the moulds. After all, most sources say use plastic sheeting.
The news is good, for today I decided to remove the Moulds from Stations 9 and 4 ... just to stop me worrying. As you can imagine, it's quite a struggle to get under the boat, as you can see below:

I began by unscrewing the buttstraps and then unbolting the uprights and side bracing. Sure enough the mould broke into the two halves and after a slight wiggle they came away, leaving the masking tape hanging from the planks..

Here, below, are the two halves of the mould from Station 9


  1. Wow! What a project you have taken on. Knowing you, you will come through valiantly and pushing off to see. What a day that will be!

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the comment. yes it's a big project but enjoyable. When will you get on your feet painting again? Your charcoal drawings are as fantastic as ever.

  2. I'm sure you will find a solution for turning the boat over! I love seeing how you work. You know, I was a single mom for a long time and I always found solutions in the absence of a strong man. :) And I know you are inventive!

  3. Thanks Judy, loved your last painting, so delicate.