Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Epoxy Resin Filling

I was a bit worried about using Epoxy Resin for the first time, I don't have a good record with 'sticky-stuff'. So I did my usual thing and did a lot of research in preparation.

I came to the conclusion that I would use the West System for two reasons:

 1. Robbins Timber my timber supplier sold it at very competitive prices.
 2. If I stuck to one range of products, rather than mix 'n match, then I shouldn't have compatibility problems.

I soon learnt that you have to mix exact quantities of materials together. I therefore spent money (wisely I discover) on the means of measuring and bought dispensers that insert into tins.

I hold the plastic mixing bowl under the dispenser in tin 105 and push it all the way down: this delivers exactly 5 portions of epoxy resin

I then place the bowl under the dispenser in tin 205 push it all the way down: this deliver exactly 1 portion of hardener.

Using the black plastic paddle I mixed the 5:1 ratio mixture for two minutes.

Next I use the scoop from inside the cylinder-box 403 to add one level scoop of the white powder Microfibres to the mixture in the bowl. I stirred until it took the texture of peanut butter.

This gave a mixture of Filler with which to fill gaps, screw holes etc by the use of the scraper.

You get some idea of the size of the boat here.

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