Sunday, 3 July 2016

Day in the Life of a Plank!

Thought I would record how I have worked out the way of planking that is best suited to me.

First, I offer up the plank:

If there are no problems I remove the plank and run glue down of the grove in the lower plank:

I re-position the plank to be fitted.

Using 1.25 inch panel pins

I nail down through the plank at 6 inch intervals throughout the length of the plank.

This offers little meaningful strength but it forces the planks together allowing the glue to bond under pressure.

The surplus, squeezed out, glue is wiped off from both outside and in.

Next screws are inserted into the stem (front),

and into the transom (back).

I then saw off the odd bits at the front 

and back.

These photos are a little out of date as I have now got 100 planks in place, which I will show in next post.

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