Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Build Continues

We are back from a 2500 mile drive from West Wales to Austria - breaking our journey, out and back, with a night on the Ferry (Hull - Zebrugge) and another in Cochem in the the German Mosel Valley. 
   We spent 12 nights in Austria before reversing the procedure home.

After a few days getting back to normal I have resumed the build of Seagull.

Not a lot to say on planking that I haven't already said, so here are a few photographs to bring the record up to date



  1. You adventurous soul, you!!
    DRIVING to Austria, no less...
    fine art...
    I do admire you so much John. It is obvious you are not a mere mortal.
    Thanks for being my blogging friend...hope some of that specialness rubs off on me!

  2. Oh I'm not the sort to be admired: 'Jack-of-all-trades and master of none!' There's only one person that paints like JFO!!!