Tuesday, 29 January 2019

That which we call a Rose, by any other name would smell as sweet

There can only be one boss on a project which is why the term 'infrastructure' was replaced by 'cuddy' to keep the boss happy. Now 'cuddy' is found to sound like a road-workers shed. So 'cabin' been deemed more suitable by head-office - albeit that technically it's not a cabin.

I've sacrificed streamline for 'fit-for-purpose' insofar as my wife is disabled and this construction is more suitable for her.

There's plenty to fill this volume. Two swivel chairs, a control console and helmsman stations for a start.

The infrastructure Cabin doesn't look quite so big when you can see the rest of the boat.

Next I'll fit the top to the ... 'er ... cabin. 


  1. I would call it a 'top bit', which is probably why I've never been a boss...

  2. hopefully in the water this summer, Lynne .... top-bit permitting