Sunday, 4 November 2018

Quarter Knees, Inwales and Floors

I have now cut and fitted the quarter knees, which strengthen the transom to sides. 

Here is the port quarter knee (triangular piece)

Then I fixed the after most floor with Epoxy Resin with added Fillet Fibres, which were piped though a forcing-bag, as used in icing (topping) cakes.

Aft floor glued to planks by epoxy resin fillets

Last week, I fitted one layer of the starboard inwale to the top  strake of planking (see last posting). Today, I added the second starboard layer by laminating it (gluing it) to the first layer: It would have been difficult to bend one thick inwale and so it is made from two pieces.

The two laminated layers of the laminated inwale, looking Forward, clamped to the outer planking

View of  Starboard Inwale Looking Aft

As in the first layer, I had to scarf-joint the second layer: it wasn't long enough and I had to add a smaller length joined to the longer piece.

Scarf Joint - the length of the joint is calculated by multiplying the thickness by 8. The joint above is 4 inches long as it is 0.5 inch thick 


  1. Interesting! It is progressing slowly but surely (which is more or less literally translated from a Dutch saying).