Monday, 15 January 2018

Turning The Boat - Stage 2

The weather got warmer for a short while, so I took the opportunity to get the third, and final, coat of red anti-fouling paint done.

I then needed to dismantle all but three of the moulds (molds) in preparation for turning Seagull.

To remind you how the moulds are constructed:

1. The mould is cut from particle board, then sawn in half down its centre line (for easy extraction!) and then rejoined by screwing to three pieces of 2" x 1":

2.  The Moulds are screwed to vertical uprights, and braced by diagonal struts.

3. The vertical uprights are fixed to the building-jig by two bolts

TIP: Cover the bolts and nuts in masking tape to protect them from glue: they take 30 seconds to undo ... but ... if glue falls on them and sets (as it did on many of mine) it can take 15 - 30 minutes to get each bolt unfastened.


The idea is to leave three moulds in place: one forward, one aft and one midships - to support the boat whilst rigging her for turning. To remove the other 10 see below:

a. Undo and remove the bolts at 3 (above).
b. Unscrew and remove diagonal bracing struts at 2 (above).
c. Unscrew and remove the three 2" x 1" pieces holding the two          halves together at 1 (above).
d. Unscrew and remove the vertical supports at 2 (above). Pull out      and store the verticals 
e. The two halves of the moulds will need to be pulled to & fro            until they come free.

Seeing inside the boat without moulds, is like seeing the boat for the first time. In the picture below, the pieces of tape are where the moulds were. The tape stops the moulds getting glued to the boat, which is something I worried about. 

Inside The Boat

So far the tape has worked, but there is still that moment of anxiety when you first try to pull the moulds free ... they really don't want to be pulled out of the comfort of Seagull and into the cruel world, and then dumped in a pile.

I have been watching videos of boats being turned - 12 strong men is favourite, with elaborate lifting gear coming a close second. All I have is me and a hot mug of steaming Assam tea! Can't wait to see what I do.... but 'do it' I will :)


  1. PLEEEEASE use the 12 strong men! Call your closest American Base and they will rush to help you. OR...all of your blogging friends can put out a call for action!
    Fascinating post by the way...

  2. You must understand that I really want to do it single-handed ... I just live for the challenges!

    Thanks for the support btw