Friday, 11 November 2016

The Icing (Frosting) On The Cake

I'm into completely new territory here - fibre-glass sheathing of the boat.

Some sources say don't administer an epoxy-resin priming coat, because there is a tendency for the fibre-class cloth to snag on it. However, I followed the advice of Selway Fisher, who designed the boat, and primed yesterday, as the last post shows.

The fibre glass cloth is very fragile and awkward to use and yes there was a tendency for it to snag. However, I don't know if it would have been easier without yesterday's application of the primer coat.

Well the sheathing is in place now, and I'm reminded of a Wedding Cake.

You can see why I removed the outer stem now: in order that the 'cloth goes under it - a heck of a job to have gone over it.

I put the sheathing on in three pieces.


The cloth is simply lying in place and I don't start epoxy-resin coating it until tomorrow: I need to start early so that I can coat it all in one go.

I keep trying to worry about the outcome of each stage but I refuse to let myself. It's a total new experience this fibre glass cloth and epoxy resin way of building ... so just enjoy the experience and don't expect expert outcomes.


  1. Speechless...and thats hard for me.
    Please tell me what the cloth is for. Protect the varnish from dust maybe?

    1. The next few posts will explain, Julie, rather than a long explanation.

      Confucius said (and you prove daily), 1 picture is worth 10,000 words: You will see the boat emerge in new clothes over the coming posts.