Sunday, 13 March 2016

Floors and Tools.

Not a lot to show you. I have cut all the floors, but they will need beveling to accommodate the run of the planks when I fit them.

In the picture the floors are the darker pieces of hardwood( Iroko).

The glue has arrived from Robbins Timber I will talk about it when I use it.

I have also ordered some irons (blades) for the various planes I have made. I've been meaning to get around to ordering them for some time, like 62 years!?

I made these tools in the first year of my apprenticeship as a Shipwright at the age of 15 - 16 years. I have never used these planes - but I want to use them on Seagull.

Our instructor took us to the place where the timber was stored in racks - nicknamed The Forest. The Admiralty (Navy Dept.) believed in natural seasoning and some of the timber had stood there since Nelson's day. Here's a few photographs; all the tools shown I made... and still can't believe it!
Jack plane - 3 Hollows - a Bollow and a Smoothing plasne

A Smoothing plane - 2 Bollows - 3 Rebate Planes - Marking Gauge - Mallet

Large Square (Mahogany) - Brass Dividers - Large Dividers (Teak)

Not sure I could make them now. Interesting to note that none of the planes have warped because the Ash they were made from had stood for decades seasoning.

I should explain that the hollow planes were primarily for mast work.