Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Alea iacta est.

Alea iacta est is attributed to Julius Caesar and translates as, "The die is cast," and so it is with me: I bought the wood for the building jig today and it arrives Friday morning.

Cutting List
12 off Sheets Sterling Board   8' x 4' x 3/4"
  3 off   planed softwood         5" x 2" x 16'
  1 off  planed softwood         5" x 2" x 12'
 8 off planed softwood          3" x 2" x 16'

Which brings me to my second saying for the day, "I've crossed my Rubicon." 

Julius Caesar Crossing The Rubicon  (from the film Quo Vadis)

Which was what Caesar was doing when he said that the die was cast (according to the bard).

So, after all that waffle ......... there's no turning back now, the journey begins. 

 The last boat I built was in 1955 which, to save you counting on your fingers, was exactly 70 Oooops 60 years ago (thank you, Julie, for pointing out my miscalculation. It looked exactly like this (which I copied from

I have the tools and the self-confidence (my wife reckons I'm still a teenager) so it's playtime!


I shall keep a running total of costs, which may be of use to others when they are making feasibility studies.

Note. UK cost includes 20% tax. This 20% is carried across into the US$ cost as well.

                                                  £                 (US$)

Plans                                         75               (114)
Timber for Building Jig          355.15         (542)


  1. Good for you! Good luck, and looking forward to seeing progress shots and the finished pictures! Regards, Valerie

  2. Thank you, Valerie ... looks like you're alone in following this build. I don't Noah kept an online blog, but I don't expect he had many followers at first. :)

  3. Er...John...70 YEARS AGO? Did you build it when you were in kindergarten?
    Surely you cant be as old as the addition indicates?????

  4. OK, Julie ... I'll knock off 10 years as a special discount for you. Should have counted on my fingers ... better update the blog :)