Thursday, 1 June 2017

Fixing Them Holes

A few posts ago you can see how the fibreglass blanket I epoxied over the hull had developed quite a few bubbles in it. The temptation is to ignore the bubbles and paint over them. The problem then is that those bubbles are brittle and will shatter if banged, and this will then lead to a major problem of repairing not only the hole in the fibreglass but the ruined paintwork.

Working in small areas, I have been bursting the bubbles and removing the chards, which leaves a hole through to the wooden planking:

I then filled the holes with a mix of epoxy resin and filler powder.

I will sand these filled holes down tomorrow.
You will have noticed how the lovely polished varnish effect has gone for I have sanded the hull all over.

This process of coating and then sanding will go on for weeks until we reach the final finish!

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  1. Hello, John. This seems quite a lot of work but certainly worth doing it right once you explained the consequences.
    Miss you and hope all is well. I was delighted to see you pop up on my blog.